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The #1 thing you should achieve with your nonprofit website

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What do you think is the number one priority of your nonprofit’s website?

Think about it for a minute.

Is it to properly introduce your organization to the visitor?

Is it to answer visitors’ questions?

Is it to get them to make a donation?

Is it to get them to volunteer or attend an event?

Is it to get them to follow you on social media?

What would you say is the most important thing your nonprofit’s website should do?

Because the truth is your nonprofit’s website has a lot to do.

It needs to introduce your organization to new visitors.

It needs to provide detailed information about what you do and who you help.

It needs to provide answers to visitors’ questions.

It needs to let people know how they can get involved.

And a whole lot more.

Of course having a great website will allow you to do all of these things well.

But even still, some things your website must do are actually a bit at odds with each other.

For example, when people look at how they can get involved many nonprofits offer multiple options.

Make a donation.

Sign up to volunteer.

Attend our next event.

Become a member.

And that’s all good and fine and as it should be.

But this means that some people who might have signed up to volunteer may have instead chosen to attend your next event.

And some people who might have been ready to make a donation may have decided to sign up to volunteer instead.

See? They’re a bit at odds with each other.

So how would you prioritize them?

What is the #1 thing you can do with your nonprofit website?

I’ll tell you what I think it is in a minute, but first I want to discuss the two most popular responses I hear when I ask this question.


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Is it to introduce your organization?

This is undoubtedly one of the most important things you need to do with your website.

New visitors need to be able to quickly understand what you do, who you help, and why it’s important.

Without answering those questions why would they ever choose to take action?

But, even though this is essential, I wouldn’t say it’s the most important thing.


Because it only introduces you to them.

You still don’t know a thing about them.

What are their interests?

How would they like to help?

What unanswered questions do they still have?

Is it to get them to take action for your cause?

A lot of people might believe that this is absolutely the most important thing you can do with your nonprofit website.

Get visitors to take action in support of your cause.

This could be through making a donation, signing up to volunteer, or becoming a member.

Whatever it is that you offer your visitors so that they can get involved.

And, of course, it’s always something to celebrate when your website is effective at getting people to take action in support of your cause.

But, is that really the MOST important thing you can do?

What percentage of visitors to your website actually take action?

1%? 2%?

Is the most important thing you can do with your website really only concerned about 1% of your website visitors?

What about all of your visitors that aren’t yet ready to take action but could be convinced?

What about the remaining 99% of your visitors that leave without making a donation, becoming a member, or signing up to volunteer?

The #1 thing you should achieve with your nonprofit’s website…

So, if it’s not to introduce your organization

And it’s not to convince them to take action in support of your cause…

Then what is the most important thing you can achieve with your nonprofit’s website?

I’ll tell you in a minute.

First I want to let you know everything you can achieve if you do this one thing.

If you do this one thing…

You can take more time to properly introduce the work of your organization.

You can take the time to introduce them to the beneficiaries of your nonprofit.

You’ll have the ability to listen to and respond to their questions.

You will be able to better understand their interests.

You will be able to motivate them to take action for your cause.

You will be able to get them to follow you on social media.

You will be able to retain them as donors or volunteers or members for years to come.

You will be able to develop a genuine long-term relationship with them.

You will be able to turn them into advocates and lifelong raving fans of your organization.

I’m not kidding.

You can do all of these things if you can get your website to achieve this one thing.

So what is it that you need to achieve?


Get their email address.

Why their email address is so important

Because of everything I just mentioned!

Once you have someone’s email address you have a tremendous opportunity to establish and develop a long-term relationship with that person.

You’ll have more time to introduce the work of your organization and help them get to know your beneficiaries.

You’ll be able to engage in two-way communication and answer any questions they have about your organization.

You can learn more about their interests and motivate them to take action in support of your cause.

And you can maintain this relationship for years to come, retaining them as an advocate and active supporter of your cause.

Don’t believe me?

Wondering how on earth nonprofit email marketing can achieve all of this?

Well, that’s why I put this resource together for you.

Click here to learn exactly how email marketing can achieve all of this: Master Nonprofit Email Marketing

Keep doing good work,
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  • I agree, Jeremy … and now you have captured MY email. LOL!

    • Jeremy

      Patricia, This made me laugh out loud! Thanks for being a subscriber! I’ll do my best to earn the right to keep visiting your inbox.

  • Hi, the suspense is over, email was my third guess. Curiosity should be up there to, because I was until the very end of your message.

    • Jeremy

      Curiosity can be a great way to keep people reading! Thanks for sticking with it till the end, Denise.

  • Harry T. Fulford Sr.

    Thank You for your advice because I need to make a website for my foundation, and now I know what I need and want for my website.

    • Jeremy

      So glad I could help you out, Harry. Best of luck and keep me posted on your progress.

  • BEB

    Two grammatical errors here: there’s an its where there should be an it’s; usually it’s the other way around; and there’s a you where there should be a your.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks BEB, I used ‘it’s’ and ‘you’ so many times in this article it took me awhile to find the mistakes. I think I got ’em in the end.

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