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The 2 biggest reasons no one subscribes to your nonprofit email list

Nonprofit Email Marketing

Are you trying to build a list of active and engaged email subscribers for your nonprofit?

Is your website generating the amount of leads that you’ve been hoping for?

Or do you keep coming up empty-handed?

Are you scratching your head wondering what you’re doing wrong?

From my experience there are two BIG reasons why people don’t subscribe to your email list.

And if you fix just these two things you’ll be amazed at how many more people subscribe.

Let’s look at each and see if you’re making the same mistakes.

They can’t find your opt-in form

The first thing I do when a nonprofit asks me to help them increase their number of email subscribers is go to their website to see exactly where their email opt-in form is located.

I am always amazed at how hard it can be to find.

You never want your readers to have to search for your opt-in form.

You have to make it easy for them.

If it’s buried in your website footer or hidden on your “Contact” page then no one is going to see it.

And, if they don’t see it they don’t know that they can subscribe.

So, where is your email opt-in form on your website?

Can you move it so that it is more prominent?

Can your website visitors find it easily from any page of your website?

If not then a lot of your website visitors simply don’t realize subscribing to your email list is an option.

They don’t have a good reason to subscribe

The second BIG reason why people don’t subscribe to your email list is because you don’t actually give them a good reason to subscribe.

Think about this for a minute.

We live in the information age.

People are inundated with website content.

If you want them to subscribe then you have to cut through the noise and the distractions and give them a compelling reason to do so.

Does your call-to-action to subscribe to your email list say any of the following…

“Subscribe to our newsletter.”

“Subscribe for updates.”

“Stay in touch.”

If so, then this is your biggest problem.

What’s in it for them?

Why should they give up their personal details?

What benefit will they get by letting you email them?

Very few nonprofits actually take the time to answer these questions, but they’re essential if you want to build a quality email list for your nonprofit.

Take the time to really think through what you have to offer your website visitors and then craft a compelling call-to-action to subscribe that gets them excited to be on your email list.

When you’ve done this well, you’ll find not only that your number of daily subscribers goes up but that your subscribers are also more engaged.

Want to learn how to do all of this right?

In order to help as many nonprofits with these problems as possible I’ve created a Master Class training course that teaches you everything you need to know to build a quality email list for your nonprofit.

This is a 4-part video training where I use real life nonprofit website examples to show you exactly where to put your email opt-in form and how to craft your compelling call to action.

But that’s not all. This training is jammed packed full of information.

Learn more about how to get access to this training here: Quality List Building for Nonprofits

Quality List Building for Nonprofits

Keep doing good work,

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  • This is so spot on, Jeremy! Even most of the biggest nonprofits with major $$$ still only have the “Subscribe to our newsletter” offer on their websites. There’s no incentive there. I think your email checklist download offer is the perfect example of what nonprofits should be doing to build their email list. I can’t believe more NPs aren’t doing just that!

    • Jeremy

      Thanks, Patrick! There is lots of room for improvement when it comes to building a quality email list for nonprofits. And you’re right! The “big dogs” are just as guilty of making the same mistakes. The good news, a lot of these changes cost nothing. They just take a little bit of time and some marketing smarts.

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