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Email Marketing Should be a Priority for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Email Marketing

Email communication is one of the most powerful tools available to nonprofit organizations.

With an effective email marketing system, nonprofit organizations can:

  1. Extend their reach,
  2. Increase support for their organization,
  3. Expand their donor base, and
  4. Turn one-time donors into lifelong supporters.

Sadly, a comprehensive email marketing system is rarely a priority.

Very few nonprofit organizations give email marketing the respect or attention it deserves.

Are you one of those organizations?

If so, let’s take a look at why email marketing should be a top priority for your nonprofit or charity.

Nonprofit email marketing allows you to speak directly to individual members of your community.

This is unique to email and makes it different from social media.

Social media is a group conversation.

Everyone is in on the discussion.

Email is different.

With email, you are speaking directly to one person.

You have their attention.

It is a digital one-on-one conversation.

This creates significant opportunities for a nonprofit organization to develop a genuine conversation with their readers.

Unfortunately, most nonprofits do not structure their email marketing in a way that allows this type of conversation to take place.

Nonprofit Email Marketing allows you to create a consistent message

Ensuring a consistent marketing message is received by everyone interested in your organization is important.

By utilizing email marketing automation you can ensure that everyone who subscribes to learn more about you will receive the same series of introductory emails.

This will make sure that you start everyone off on the right foot and it also helps to ensure you make a good first impression.

If your organization is only sending out monthly (or fewer) e-newsletter bombs to your readers’ inbox then you are missing out on this opportunity entirely.

This is one of the reasons e-newsletters are not the answer for nonprofit email marketing.

People that just signed up today never hear the great stories you told last month.

You end up putting a tremendous amount of energy into one e-newsletter that will only be seen by a small percentage of your list.

A proper email marketing system can change this dramatically.


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Nonprofit Email marketing allows you to customize your message

An effective email marketing system will segment their readers based on their past actions.

Again, this is something very unique to email marketing and is also one of the reasons why email marketing for nonprofits can be so powerful.

With proper email segmentation you can tailor your messages to people based on their past actions.

Did they just sign up to learn more about your organization?

Great! Put them on the introduction email series list.

Did they sign up to volunteer for the first time?

Great! Put them on the 1st-time volunteer list.

Did they just make their first donation?

Great! Put them on your 1st-time donation list.

Did they just donate $10,000!?

Holy Crap! That is awesome!

Put them on the BIG DONOR list.

You see, you shouldn’t be offering the same messaging to the BIG DONOR as you do to the 1st time volunteer.

If you do, you will end up driving away the big donor.

Also, if you start asking for major gifts from someone who just signed up to learn more about your organizations, well, forget it.

They don’t even know you and you’re already hitting them up for BIG BUCKS!

“I’ll find a different organization to work with. Thanks.”

A comprehensive email marketing system is an essential part of nonprofits fundraising and once you get this system in place, it will change everything for you.


  1. Email communication is one of the most powerful tools available to nonprofit organizations.
  2. Email allows you to speak directly to an individual supporter.
  3. Email allows you to deliver a consistent message.
  4. Email allows you to customize your message based on a reader’s past actions.

Keep doing good work,
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Is email marketing a priority for your nonprofit? Let me know in the comments below.

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