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How to introduce your nonprofit to a new subscriber

Nonprofit Email Marketing
introduce new subscriber

First impressions matter.

A lot.

And how you introduce your nonprofit to a new email subscriber can make a huge difference in whether or not they decide to support your cause.

So how do you make sure you get off on the right foot?

How do you ensure that the introduction you give to a new subscriber is compelling and gets them excited to support your cause?

No introduction needed

Let’s start by talking about what many nonprofits are doing wrong.

One of the biggest mistakes I see on a regular basis when it comes to nonprofit email marketing is that they never take the time to introduce themselves at all.

They operate under the assumption that the new subscriber is already familiar with the organization.

This is a huge opportunity lost.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve subscribed to a nonprofit newsletter and the first email I receive asks for donations.

Sorry, but you’re still a stranger to me.

I don’t really know if you make a positive impact or not?

If you actually take the time to introduce yourself and help me understand who you are and what you do, then there is a much better chance you’ll get my support.

More importantly, you’re much more likely to get every new subscribers support.

The wrong information

It may sound a bit odd at first, but the worst way to introduce your nonprofit to a new subscriber is by talking about your nonprofit.

Too many nonprofits introduce their organization by talking about when it was founded and what they do.

They tell the story of their founder and maybe share their mission statement.

I know most people think this is what it means to introduce their nonprofit, but this approach completely misses the mark.


Because this approach to introducing your nonprofit doesn’t give the reader the information they actually care about.

So, what is the best way to introduce your nonprofit to a new email subscriber

What is it that your new subscribers actually care about?

The biggest question a new subscriber has when they sign up for your newsletter is this:

“Can I make a difference that I care about by supporting this organization?”

Telling the story of your founder does not answer this question.

Giving statistics on the number of beneficiaries served might help answer this question but it is not the most effective way to answer this question.

So what should you do instead?

Introduce one of your beneficiaries.

That’s right. The best way to introduce your nonprofit is not by talking about your nonprofit at all.

It’s by introducing one of your beneficiaries.

Tell their story.

Help the reader establish an emotional connection to your work by introducing them to someone that your organization has helped.

This is the clearest way to answer your new subscribers big question:

“Can I make a difference that I care about by supporting this organization?”

Show them the difference they will make by introducing them to someone your organization has made a difference to.

If you can tell this story in an emotional and compelling way, then your new subscriber will be jumping at the chance to get involved.

Interested in getting some helpful ideas on how to tell emotional and compelling stories?

Start here: Master Nonprofit Storytelling

Keep doing good work,
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