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The Correct Nonprofit Email Marketing Mindset

Nonprofit Email Marketing
Email Marketing Mindset

Having the correct nonprofit email marketing mindset will lay the foundation for everything you write.

Get this wrong and you will sabotage the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Get this right and you will dramatically improve the results of your email marketing and fundraising.

Let’s start with a simple question…

What is the purpose of nonprofit email marketing?

Think about this for a second.

If you had to decide the single most important objective of your email marketing right now, what would it be?

To recruit new members?

Increase donations?

Keep your community updated on your work?

Were these along the lines of what you were thinking?

These are examples of what most nonprofit organizations decide is the primary purpose of their email marketing.

Here’s the problem…

Emails driven purely by these objectives will sabotage the results of your marketing efforts because they are all about what you want to get out of your readers.

If you decide your primary objective of your email marketing is to increase donations, then you will start asking your readers for money EVERY TIME you email them.

If you decide your primary objective is to keep your readers updated on your work then you will fill your content with details about the work YOU have done.

These objectives are self-absorbed, and when your emails are driven by these objectives your readers can sense your true purpose and it turns them off from your organization.

The surest way to sabotage your email marketing and fundraising efforts is by only talking about you and what you need.

It all comes down to your mindset.

The correct nonprofit email marketing mindset

If you truly want to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts you need to stop thinking about what you need and start thinking about what your readers’ need.

You see, you are NOT looking for more members or donors. You are looking for lifelong fans.

The primary goal of your nonprofit email marketing and fundraising efforts should be to turn your readers into lifelong, raving fans of your organization.

Think about this…

What you should actually be trying to do with your email marketing is creating an audience.

You want to create and audience of raving fans who love being associated with your organization.

If this is your mindset, then you will start thinking differently about how you write email.

You will start asking yourself different questions.

Better questions.

  1. “Will this email get my readers EXCITED about working with us?”
  2. “Does this email make them PROUD to have become a member?”
  3. “Will this email make them want to SHARE the information with their friends?”
  4. “Does this email fulfill a NEED of our readers?”

And once you can answer YES to these questions, you will start sending emails that build a genuine audience of raving fans for your organization.

And an audience of raving fans will sign up to volunteer when you need them.

An audience of raving fans will make a donation when you ask for one.

They’ll bring their friends to your next event, and they’ll tell others about the great work that you’re doing.

Without the correct mindset you will never write emails that generate raving fans.

Are you sabotaging the effectiveness of your email marketing?


  1. Having the correct mindset for effective nonprofit email marketing is essential
  2. Having the wrong mindset will sabotage your efforts
  3. The correct mindset is one that puts the NEEDS of your readers first
  4. Your primary objective is to build an audience of raving fans.

Keep doing good work,
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