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The Nonprofit e-Newsletter is Not the Answer

Nonprofit Email Marketing

This idea that the e-Newsletter is the alpha and the omega of nonprofit email marketing is seriously flawed.

In fact, the biggest barrier to engaging your community, expanding your donor base, and increasing donor retention is your e-Newsletter…

especially if your e-newsletter is the entirety of your email marketing strategy.

Its tragic, really, because email marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to nonprofit organizations.

When done well, email marketing has the power to increase engagement with your community.

It has the power to turn people interested in your organization into donors, and not just one-time donors, I’m talking donors for life.

But your e-newsletter?
It is simply not the right tool for the job.

Here’s why.The nonprofit print newsletter was a tool developed in a different time, a different era.

That tool served its purpose back then and it still works pretty well today.

Its sent out in print to everyone’s doorstep.

People can pick it up and read it whenever they want.

And they leave it lying on the coffee table whenever they aren’t reading it.

But it is always there.

The more they see it, the more they read it, and the more they are reminded of your organization.

The nonprofit newsletter works great in this way. It has sticking power.

It has worked so well, in fact, that once the digital age hit, nonprofits decided they would just start emailing everyone their newsletter in order to get the same result without having to pay postage.

But e-newsletters DO NOT WORK in the digital world.

In fact, they probably do more harm than good.

I’ll show you how in a second…

People consume information differently today.

In today’s world of continuous, constant online engagement no one takes the time to read through an entire e-newsletter.

And if they don’t have the time to read it, guess what they do with it.

They sure don’t leave it on the coffee table!

It gets deleted.#enewsletterfail

See ya.
Gone forever.

Remember when I said your e-newsletter probably does more harm than good?

Here’s how.

This is what really happens people open up your e-newsletter after not hearing from your for weeks.

“Oh, what is this? Spam?
I don’t remember this organization?
I don’t have time to read all of these articles!
What?! Why are they asking me for money?
Ugh! Who cares about these guys?”



You can thank your e-newsletter for that.

Instead of increasing engagement with your supporters it actually reminds them to unsubscribe from your list.

That is what I call a #e-newsletterfail.

And I promise you it happens every time you send out an e-newsletter.

E-newsletters PREVENT people from reading your BEST stories.

E-newsletters are blasted out to your email list on a specific date.

But then what about people who sign up for your email list after you’ve sent out the newsletter?

They missed out on all of the important information contained in your last e-newsletter.

Let me illustrate how much of a problem this is with an example.

Say you wrote THE BEST e-newsletter your organization has ever published.

It defied all the odds and actually got read by EVERYONE on your list.

It inspired and motivated ALL of them, and resulted in the biggest month of donations you’ve ever received.

(I know, complete fantasy, but it makes the point.)

Well, what happens to all of the people that subscribe to your list AFTER you sent out this amazing newsletter?

They miss out on it! They never get to read it.

They never hear your great stories!

Instead, you have to try to recreate that e-newsletter next month and hope for the same response.

What a tremendous waste of your time!

Wouldn’t it be better if you could ensure that your best content reached everyone?

It is possible to do this, you know. But let me come back to that…

First, an important question.

If your e-newsletter is NOT increasing community engagement…

If your e-newsletter is NOT turning interested prospects into donors…

If your e-newsletter is NOT turning first-time donors into lifelong sustainers of your organization…

Why do you keep publishing e-newsletters?

Just because newsletters work in print doesn’t mean they work in digital form.

And just because “everyone else is doing it,” doesn’t mean YOU should be doing it.

If you want a different result you have to do things differently.

The problem is, nobody has an alternate approach to the e-newsletter.

Well, I would like to propose an option that I’ve found to be far more effective.

This approach:

  1. Ensures EVERYONE can see your BEST stories.
  2. Actually INCREASES reader engagement.
  3. Will save you TIME in the long run.
  4. Will turn your readers into LIFELONG DONORS of your organization.

But I don’t want to waste your time if you still think the e-newsletter is the answer.

Sign up below to let me know you are interested in a different approach.

When you do, I’ll walk you through my approach, step-by-step.

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