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The True Nonprofit Heroes

Nonprofit Motivation

I want to take a minute here to say Thank You!

Yes, you.
The nonprofit fundraiser.

Yes, you.
The nonprofit marketer.

Thank you.
You are my heroes.

“Heroes? Really?
Isn’t that a little much?

No way.

Here’s why you are my heroes.

You have chosen to work for a cause.
You have chosen to contribute your energy to the greater good.

You have chosen a career that is dedicated to helping others.

Your efforts make this world a better place.

But not only that.

You do not do this job to get credit.

You never get credit for the good work you do.

You are never the face of your good organization.

You are never interviewed by the media to discuss the amazing difference you are making.

You are never singled out as THE REASON for your organization’s success.

You are never celebrated.

But I know better.

I know you are true heroes.
I know you working tirelessly on a thankless job that never ends.

I know that your contribution is just as important as the contribution of the people who implement your programs.

The fundraiser is just as important as the doctor that discovers a new vaccine.

The fundraiser is just as important as the expert that provides training to teachers.

The fundraiser is just as important as the manager of the homeless shelter.

The fundraiser is just as important as the cook at the community kitchen.

The fundraiser is just as important as the volunteer teacher at the community after-school program.

This is the truth.

Funding comes first.
Implementation second.

You are not just important.
You are essential.

Without you, no one else could implement anything.

Yet, you never get the credit.
For that, let me say, again, Thank You!

Not only do you never get credit for what you do, but your job is never done.

No matter how well you performed last year, this year you have to do better.

Did you just orchestrate a massively successful fundraising campaign?
Great, now get to work on donor retention.

Did you just double the number of follower on Facebook?
Great, now get to work turning them all into donors.

Did you just have a successful direct mail fundraiser?
Great, now figure out how to use crowdfunding.

Your job never ends.

In fact, the better you do, often the harder you have to work.

But without you, there would be no work to do.
There would be no donors.
There would be no community of support.
There would be no experts.
And, most tragically, there would be no beneficiaries.

You are remarkable.

So thank you.

You contribute to the good in this world.
You never get the credit you deserve.
You work tirelessly on a job that never ends.

And you still show up every day.

You are my heroes.

Without you, nonprofits go nowhere.
Without you, things fall apart.
Without you, the mission is never achieved.

It is you who truly EMPOWER NONPROFITS.

So, thank you.

Keep doing good work,
Jeremy Signature

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