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Why you need to automate your nonprofit email marketing

Nonprofit Email Marketing
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Do you find writing emails exhausting?

Do you get tired of the hamster wheel of email newsletters?

You know, always having to find new stories.

Then trying to write up each of those stories in the most moving way possible.

Then organizing those stories in your newsletter format.

And making sure on the links work just right.

Then hitting ‘send’ hoping that this email newsletter does its job while you immediately start looking for the next batch of stories to start writing up…

If just reading this gives you a headache and makes you dread the next email newsletter you are supposed to be crafting right now then I got a tip for you.

Automate your nonprofit email marketing. It is a complete game changer.

Let me dive into this a bit here and see if I can convince you this is the only way to go.

Automating your nonprofit email marketing allows you to control your message

When you develop an automated nonprofit email marketing system you are not drafting an email newsletter filled with stories that will all be sent out at one time.

Instead you will be drafting a series of emails all designed for a specific audience, intended to get them to take very specific actions.

You will write all of these emails before the first one is ever sent to a subscriber.

And because of this, you can look at your communication with this subscriber over time and assess how well you are communicating with them.

You can review your messaging to see if you are emphasizing the correct points, or if you are hitting the correct emotions.

You can count how many different calls to action you make.

Do you find that you are you only ever asking for a donation?

Or, are there other things you should be asking them to do instead?

If so, how often and when in the messaging do you want to ask?

Writing your emails in advance and then automating the timing of their release to your readers allows you to assess your overall messaging and gives you more control over how and what you communicate.

This gives you much more control over your nonprofit email marketing.

Automating your nonprofit email marketing allows you to work smarter, not harder.

When you automate your email marketing you no longer need to kill yourself by trying to cram together all the content you need for your next massive e-newsletter bomb.

Instead, you should tell your stories over time.

This is a much smarter and more effective approach to nonprofit email marketing.

The truth is, most nonprofits do not send enough email.

They have a tendency to wait until they have 5 or 6 stories combined in a massive email newsletter and then send it out once a month or once a quarter.

This is the surest way to get your audience to lose interest and forget all about you.

One of the quickest wins nonprofits can achieve when it comes to increasing community engagement is to email more often.

How engaged are you really trying to be if you only email your community once a month or less!?

But don’t panic!

I do not mean you should be cramming together weekly email newsletters.

That would be awful, for you and for your readers.

Instead, break up your newsletter into multiple emails so that your readers are given a bit more information with every email.

Then schedule and automate the emails so they are sent out according to your optimal email schedule, once a week at least.

This is much better than e-newsletter bombing your readers.


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Automating your nonprofit email marketing will save you time.

Once you have written and scheduled your automated emails you can move on to other things.

You won’t have to write another email until that automation has run its course.

This means you can dedicate a few hours each quarter to writing emails and then let them run while you turn your attention to all of the other pressing issues on your desk.

Automating your nonprofit email marketing allows you to chunk your time when creating your monthly schedule.

If you are sending one email per week, then you need to write 52 emails in a year (it will be more if your nonprofit email lists are segmented).

Once you get into your email writing rhythm you will be able to write an email in 20 minutes.

That means you’ll be able to write three emails an hour.

At that rate can draft 52 emails in less than 18 total hours of work.

If you can schedule 3 hour chunks of time three times a week strictly for writing your emails, then you can have your entire automated email system for the entire year drafted in two weeks.

Heck, even if it takes you 40 minutes to write each email, you can still get that done in 4 weeks.

Once those emails are uploaded and the schedule set, you could theoretically get by without having to write another email for the entire year.

That is NOT what I recommend, but you get the point.

Think of all the time you’ll save when you no longer have to come up with 5 or 6 stories every single month!

Automating your emails will save you tons of time. Something we all have precious little of to begin with.


  1. You need to automate your emails.
  2. It will give you better control of your messaging
  3. It allows you to work smarter, not harder
  4. It will save you tons of time in the long run

So why isn’t your email marketing campaign automated?

Keep doing good work,
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